Darcy, Dame – Meatcake #12


Meatcake #12

I think I’ve finally found a good word to describe Meatcake: hodge-podge. OK, maybe that’s two words, but that’s the word this comic brings to mind for me. Every issue I’ve read has had a mix of all kinds of different stories, yet it’s only the size of a regular comic and I’ve never gotten the feeling that I was missing out on something by the stories being so short. I wouldn’t mind seeing a full-length story from Dame, sure, but I like the short stuff she’s doing now just fine. So what’s this comic about? Vampires, dolls, wolves, Sept. 11, absinthe, haunted houses, sex, witches, eggs, and Rapunzel. Go ahead, try to fit more stuff into another comic. Not recommended for people who like reading long stories, but anybody who doesn’t mind their mind wandering around a bit should love this. Any chance of a collection of some kind, Fantagraphics?

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