Davis, Eleanor – I’ve Lost My Spots!


I’ve Lost My Spots!

If you can look at the cover and think that you’re going to get an in-depth examination of the situation in the Middle East or something, well, you’d be very wrong. What you have here is an adorable little tale about an, um, monster I guess, that wakes up one day without its spots. It finds another creature with a telescope and they spend the rest of the idea seeing spots on various things and realizing that those aren’t the spots they’re looking for. This is another one of those rare comics that is perfect to leave laying around for a small child (if you have small children of any sort in your life, that is). It’s dedicated to her Grandparents and is obviously a labor of love. Oh, and the spots inside are in color, so it’s a vibrant, cheery book in just about every possible way. I’d say this is $3 or $4 because of the color, but there’s contact info up there so you could find out for sure, if you loved cute little books about monsters looking for spots.

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