Davis, Eleanor – The Discovery


The Discovery

Way back when, evolution was still up for debate. Back then a man named Eugene DuBois found the skull cap for Pitheoanthropus Erectus, or the walking ape man. It was thought to be a missing link between the evolution of apes and man, but scientists at the time didn’t treat it seriously, and if I keep going I’m going to spoil every part of the book. It details his life story in regards to this skull cap, at least as much as it can be detailed in a little mini. Good stuff as always from Eleanor, and yes, the cover is supposed to look like that. I’m guessing this is $2, contact info is up there if you’d like to find out for sure. Also, I’m aware of the fact that there are some deranged nutcases out there who still think that an old man in the sky created the world in six days, fossils be damned. If any of you have the brain power to read this, please, PLEASE write to me or post something on the forums so we can have a debate about this. It’s always hilarious to me to see those people try to say with a straight face that THE DEVIL put those fossils there to test our faith…

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