Daydreamer, Jennifer – Jennifer Daydreamer #11


Jennifer Daydreamer #11

Wow. There are going to be certain comics on this page that I’m just going to have to recommend that you read without giving too much away. Any issue of Jennifer Daydreamer is always packed with symbolism, things that you’re going to miss on the first way through, and deceptively simple artwork. I’m not sure what she’s using for the backgrounds in here, chalk or crayons maybe, but it creates a mood all its own. Let’s see what should I tell you… there’s a boy named Oliver in a rabbit costume (I think). There’s twins, Eva and Anna, and it’s known that whichever one marries first will live while the other one will sicken and die. I could go into some little things that happen in this issue and offer my two cents about what means what, talk about the eternal struggle of life, duality of man, all that crap. The bottom line is that every issue of this mini that I’ve seen is thought-provoking and leaves me with a slightly uneasy feeling about the universe and my place in it. If that isn’t unadulterated praise for a comic then I don’t know what is.

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