de Wylfin, Richard – This Comic Book Must Be Destroyed #0


This Comic Book Must Be Destroyed #0

OK, first things first, this comic is a part of Shiot Crock #11, done by many of the fine folks over at The Comics Journal message board. Not sure how much this costs as a package (haven’t been able to find it on the message board yet but will post it when I do), and I’ve decided to review it comic by comic instead of in one big clump, mostly because having a grab bag of comics that I can reach into each day without knowing what I’m going to get is one of my favorite things in the world. OK, now onto the actual comic. This is mostly a parody of Seth, Chester Brown and Joe Matt, and it’s mostly hiliarious too. Useless to you if you somehow don’t know who those people are, but incredibly funny if you do. Some of those facial expressions were just spot on, very well done. The Joe Matt character wants a rare comic and volunteers his friends to help him out, and they end up… ah, why ruin it, you already know if you’re interested or not, and if you are you’d probably like to see what happens for yourself. It’s funny and nails these people on some pretty easy things, what more do you need to know? Oh, and here’s that message board, in case you want to check out who else is in this thing and/or just want to talk about comics…

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