Dembicki, Matt – Animal Stew


Animal Stew

Unless you mostly hate animals, it’ll be tough not to find something to like in this one. It’s a collection of one page strips from the Small Press Syndicate newsletter, and which eventually found their way into various alternative newspapers, about various animals and/or the people involved with them doing strange things. You have remote controlled rats, giant cockroaches as pets, bugs breathing, the tiniest dog in the world, premasticated dog food, a dolphin going AWOL, termite flatulence, and more than a few other odd animal related stories. There’s something that I didn’t know in about half the stories here, which is always a good thing. Of course, if you have no interest in learning odd facts about animals you’ll probably hate this, but if that’s true why would you still be reading this review? Good clean fun to be had here and it’s only a buck…

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