Denny, Joe – Lechery #2


Lechery #2

You can say one thing for sure about these Gibous folks: they do not mind showing fucking in their comics. Hey, more power to them. Way too many people are scared of sex in this world and it’s things like this that’ll make it seem a little more healthy to some of those religious nuts out there. Oh wait, that’ll never happen. Anyway, this comic is pretty stupid. A fat girl with pig tails gets raped by a demon after eating some mushrooms. I know, that’s against my policy of saying much about the comic, but I’m still exhausted from moving all day and that might be why I’m not as cheery as usual. I like the art a lot, I can say that for it. All he needs is a story and he’s good to go. Unless, of course, he’s content to draw fat girls screwing, in which case he’s doing a great job. Have I mentioned yet how short these Gibous books are? Good. Anyway, it’s worth a look if you just want to be slightly offended or amused, otherwise give him time to work the kinks out. He’ll be great, it’ll just take a few more issues like this to get there… Contact the man at: Gibous Productions 16 Payne Avenue Sag Harbor, NY 11963.

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