Denson, Abby – Dolltopia



Who out there ever wanted to throw off the shackles of oppression that were holding your dolls down? You know, back when you were kids and they were all so set in their roles, whatever they were? This is all about a couple of dolls (Kitty Ballerina and G.I. Joe) who are sick of their roles, so Kitty decides to leave her assigned husband and Joe wants to throw off his crappy clothes and get a kilt. Joe knows about a place for runaway dolls called Dolltopia, and they run off to check out this strange new world. There they find a world of new possibilities, as well as a doctor who does work on articulating elbows and facial expressions (although, and I’m probably a horrible person for even thinking this, no mention of new genitalia). Kitty and Joe eventually decide that they want to conduct a raid on the doll factory in the hopes of setting more dolls free before they’re forced into conformity, and any more information is going to ruin the whole book. Obviously things are happening here on many levels, as this is also an indictment of the blind conformity of so many people in the world, but it also works just as a straight up adventure stories with a couple of dolls. The artwork is suitably weird and creepy for the subject matter, and it’s an all around good time for anybody who’s ever had these sorts of thoughts about the rigid “lives” that these dolls were supposed to live. $2

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