Depasquale, Jason – Ninth Floor #2


Ninth Floor #2

You know what I forgot about almost completely? The mini comics that are also zines. You know, the ones with comics and text pieces all mixed together. I don’t know why more people don’t use this format, but almost everything I see these days is either all comics or all text. This one mixes them both pretty well, with a text tale about the death of cassette tapes and his commentary of a muted episode of M*A*S*H mixed in with comics about indie rockers, Jesus cleaning his gutters and trying to escape the inescapable end of wasting your life in an office job. Nothing to set the world on fire, if you want to be negative about it, but everything in here was solid and showed to me that he was willing to try different formats to tell different stories, which is always a plus. Visit his website to see all kinds of samples and everything that he’s been up to, this one was only a measly buck. What are you waiting for?

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