Divine, Josh – Trashola #3

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Trashola #3

What’s this? A good chunk of Trashola done by someone other than Josh Divine? Sure, it’s funny, and sure, it looks good, but I expect only Josh in my Trashola. Don’t challenge my rigid brain! Anyhow, the story in question is a story of a bunch of young kids finding a lot of beer and going on a rampage. If you like mayhem and destruction (and who doesn’t?), trust me, it’s funny. The main story in here from Josh is about Howdee Jones, a man who only cares about screwing random women and drinking as much as possible. One day he wanders into a fortune tellers shop, thinking that it’s a brothel, and trashes the place when he discovers that he’s not going to get laid. Things go downhill from there, but how much of this do you want me to tell you before I ruin it? After that there’s the page that’s sampled up there and a page of random gag strips, which were quite possibly the best thing in the book. More gag strips please! I don’t see a price anywhere, but let’s say that’s it’s the same as the last one, $.3.50, and leave it at that. Check out the website for many more samples if you’re still not convinced, but I’d recommend against doing it at wor, unless you work in a church or something…

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