Dreschler, Debbie – Nowhere #1


Nowhere #1

I’m sorry, but this might be the ugliest comic I’ve ever seen. I’ve liked the work of hers that I’ve seen quite a bit and I was ready and willing to love this, but… well, here. This isn’t the norm for my reviews, but I have to show you what I’m talking about.

It’s a bit smaller than it should be because it’s color and I don’t have infinite space here, but if you can stand to look at those colors and enjoy the book, more power to you. I think this might be a case where my scanner actually made it look better. I felt like I needed 3D glasses to read the thing… Anyway, enough complaining about that, I just didn’t like it at all, OK? That being said, I don’t think the issue itself was bad at all and I might have been able to get over the color scheme if I had a whole collected edition to look at (that’s what Summer of Love is and the color scheme is different at least), but one issue alone didn’t give me that chance. Check out Daddy’s Girl, it’s a great, powerful book. If you like these colors give this book a chance, maybe it’s just me. What’s it about? A family has just moved and is trying to fit in. That’s the basic overview, I’m sure much more happens in the rest of the series. Click on the link to buy it or check out more samples.

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