Duffy, Damian & Tincher, Dann – Whisp #3


Whisp #3

Maybe I should just come up with some kind of slogan for reading comics in yearly (or so) intervals and not remembering much of what I read last to make this easier. I mean, it must get annoying to read “yeah, this one is OK but I’m not altogether clear on what happened the last time around” over and over again for various people. It’s not even a matter of having a poor short term memory, as the fact that I read #2 of this about 2 years ago kind of keeps it outside of that time frame. Anyway, this is a pretty good issue, even if some of the specifics are hazy. There are a few things happening at once, and the panel layout makes you feel like you’re in a maelstrom of events with a bunch of different people all happening at once, but spread out over a pretty thick book. Kudos to Damian and Dann for pulling that off,it couldn’t have been easy. What you have here is an armed invasion of the rehab center, a mysterious enclave of folks who already know how it’s all going to turn out, more whisp and a new player or two thrown into the mix. Or, in other words, I’m too hazy about the past issues to make any concrete review at all here. Luckily for you they were supposed to put out a collection of the first three issues at the start of the year, so there should be an easily accessible collection out there. This is a measly $2 (no idea how they pull that off with the quality of the packaging here)…

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