Espey, Eamon – Wormdye #3


Wormdye #3

This comic is for people who have always wondered: just where did women come from anyway? Sure, you have the loons who think woman was created from a rib of Adam, and you have the more reality based folks thinking that woman evolved over a period of millions of years, like man, from a pile of goo in gradual steps. It turns out that Zeus created woman “in an attempt to increase population while simultaneously bringing about the ruin of man”. This comic tells that story, from Zeus pushing a woman onto a reluctant man (well, his brother was reluctant anyway, at least at first) on to the birth of a fantastical box that hatches a stunted dog, which does indeed seem to bring about the ruin of man. The second part of the book is a creepy retelling of the Red Riding Hood story and yes, it’s even creepier than the original fable. It also deals with voyeurism and the continued presence of the stunted dogs, in case you were curious. Once again this is a gorgeous book, and while it may not be kosher to sample the last page of a comic, it was too beautiful not to and it doesn’t give away the ending or anything, so stop being so damned uptight. $3

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