Ford, Sean – Only Skin #2


Only Skin #2

Well, this might be a new record in the comics world. This is the second issue of the series and I already unreservedly love it. The timing of the slow revelations, the art, the genuine sense of slow, constant terror that hangs over the whole town, everything is absolutely pitch perfect. Any sense of “well, I’ll give this a chance for a few more issues” is gone, replaced by a sudden and rabid devotion. It would take the literary equivalent of a Paris Hilton guest appearance to drive me away, and even then I might find a way to rationalize it. So what’s this particular issue about? Without giving anything away, because everybody deserves to unravel this for themselves, this one deals with the mysterious girl from the last issue, a news conference in the town, Albert having a really bad idea, Clay (Cassie’s brother) getting a few more answers out of the floating ghost, and another missing person. I’m gushing more than a little bit here so I’ll wrap it up, but anybody who loves comics that is passing this up for some reason is only hurting themselves. $4

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