Ford, Sean – Only Skin #4



Only Skin #4

Here we have a fine example of the perils of a continuing small press series.  This is the first issue in about two years (well, the first update of this page in two years anyway, I don’t know exactly when this came out) and it is an “in between” issue.  That means that in the course of a longer series, this sort of an issue is absolutely necessary.  When it’s the only issue in two years, it’s at least mildly maddening.  Things are certainly getting closer to a resolution this time around with Paul still out searching for Albert, Clay learning that the ghost he’s seeing wants to die (without either of them having a clue how to make such a thing happen), Cassie taking the survivor out to search for her brother, and the survivor telling the tale of how she got away.  We also see (and this can’t possibly be a spoiler if you can see it on the cover) the a large chunk of the forest is dead, but we still don’t know why.  The pacing is pitch perfect, as everybody in their own little adventure is coming to a place of realization, but damn it if I’m not a little bit impatient.  Human nature, I suppose, and I’m sure it’ll all fit together perfectly eventually.  For now, and I’m probably starting to sound like a broken record on this page, this comic should be required reading for everybody who reads these things.  $4


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