Fox, Justin J. – Earth Minds Are Weak #7


Earth Minds Are Weak #7

In case you’re wondering about all the samples, there’s a simple explanation: Earth Minds Are Weak #7 comes in an envelope, inside of which are three distinct comics. So you get the sample of all three covers and the usual one sample from the inside, because if I sampled all of them things would get crazy around here, and this site is already hard enough to see for the people without the greatest internet connection. It’s my favorite of the series so far by a long shot, and that’s saying a lot when I already mostly liked the other issues. There are three themes here, although they all seem to rely a bit on reminiscing. First up is the story of a woman who gave up everything in her life because everything reminded her of her ex. Next is a yearly conversation at a bar between a group of old classmates, where they take turns drinking and telling personal stories. Finally there’s the bit about God, in which he is portrayed as a lonely and frightened old man, with an all-too-human reaction to the death of his son. It’s hard to pick a highlight here. There’s the dull hopelessness of the woman from the first part, or all the wonderful stories based on remembered smells from the second issue. While he could have milked this and put it out as a few separate minis, these work well combined. My biggest confusion here (as opposed to some of the older issues where I was lost at sea) is simple: how on earth is this only $2? Three distinct comics, two of which are in color, and it’s $2? Maybe the man owns a printing press. Either way, this is the perfect comic for anybody who has ever felt nostalgic or anybody who has ever had an old memory kick them square in the face due to an anonymous smell. Which, I imagine, is just about everybody… $2

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