French, Renee – Micrographica



Only Renee French could take a story about a ball of crap, a dead guy, a
sandwich and some tiny rodents and make it into a thing of beauty.
Apparently these images were done first in an online strip and in a much
tinier format, so if you’re looking for her usual gorgeous level of
detail, you’re going to be disappointed. Still, I don’t know about you,
but I go to Renee French for her writing much more than her drawing,
because the mind on that woman is unmatched by anybody I’ve ever known
or read. The story begins with Preston finding a tiny ball of crap, who
shows it to his friend Moe, who immediately takes credit for it. They
leave the crapball with Aldo, an even tinier rodent who seems obsessed
with the thing, as they go off exploring. This leads them to what
appears to be a dead body (or at least I hope it was dead as Moe was
crawling around in its eyeball), while Aldo finally cracks the crapball
open and we get to see what’s inside. I can go through the whole story
here, but why bother? Chances are you know already if Renee is somebody
whose work you like, and if she is I can’t imagine this description
would lead you away from checking this out. She also has a crap gallery
in the back, featuring crap drawing from such luminaries as Jim
Woodring, Dylan Williams and Penn Jillette. There’s also a nice blurb
from Jenna Fischer from The Office (NBC version), and it always makes me
happy when vaguely famous people push work like this, as this is the
sort of thing that should be read by humans everywhere. $10

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