Frey, Douglas – The Stories of Tiny and Odd


The Stories of Tiny and Odd

Here’s an odd little tale (although I guess you can get that from the title) about two creatures who get out into the real world and decide to eat at a generic fast food place. One of the characters has never had it before and just wants the quiet life, the other one loves the greasy food. I wish I could tell you more than that, but there’s only 8 pages of story here (as well as some sketchbook pages that I liked a lot), so that’s all I know. He’s pretty clearly influenced by Dave Cooper and Marc Bell, which are two pretty great people to be influenced by. This may or may not be a good series, it’s hard to tell from just this issue, but I got more stuff from him at FLUKE and I’ll be able to give you a better idea in a few weeks or so. Here’s an e-mail address, this is 2 or 3 bucks (another one with a mystery price).

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