Froh, Kelly – I’ve Been Forced To Get To Know You



I’ve Been Forced To Get To Know You

Nobody, but nobody captures the awkwardness of dating as well as Kelly does.  She manages to make it hilarious and insightful while not being afraid to show to throw in any awkward truths about herself.  This is an older mini, and it’s clear that her technical abilities have grown by leaps and bounds since this came out.  Still, it’s impossible not to love this little thing.  Kelly, after a long time being single, watches a lot of tv and ends up identifying with Drew Carey and hopes to find a boyfriend in that mold.  She briefly meets a guy on New Year’s Eve, has what she thinks is a “moment” with him, but he ends up leaving with his friends before midnight.  She admirably decides not to let it go and puts one of those “I saw you” ads in the local paper.  He sees it and they eventually get together for a date… and that’s where the real awkwardness begins.  The only thing they really end up having in common is their mutual interest in making art, which ends up making the night much longer than it otherwise would have been.  Things eventually get mildly heated, they end up back at her place, and I’m about to tell you the whole story here, and nobody likes that.  Let’s just say it’s not as salacious as I’m making it out to be.  I’m hopelessly biased towards Kelly’s comics at this point, so of course I’m going to love this one.  If you have to have your comics with excellent technical proficiency, maybe you should start with some of the later Slithers and then work your way back to this.  If you like heartfelt awkwardness in all forms, it’s hard to go wrong here.  $1


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