Froh, Kelly – The Five Year Itch of Dorothy Barry


The Five Year Itch of Dorothy Barry

People have occasionally asked me over the years how I pick what I’m going to review on any given day, and it’s a simple formula: I keep a literal pile of comics, with the ones sent in the mail at the top (as they get precedence over the ones I buy), and sort of reach in and grab a random one. In the case of this comic, I’ve been moving all week, have no idea where much of anything is (and my “pile” is scattered through various boxes), but this comic fell out of a pile of old bills, and voila! Internet magic! This is the story of a resident at an assisted-living home where Kelly works, with the names changed to protect everybody, who flips out every five years, invariably causing her to get kicked out of wherever she’s living at the time. Kelly paints a great picture of the chaos that comes over the whole establishment as Dorothy starts to think that she’s actually the one in charge of everything, ending with a black eye for an employee and cops getting involved. Great stuff from Kelly as always, and my advice to her, which I’m sure she already knows: there are probably plenty of stories to be had from that job. I worked for a few years as a night watchman at a home for… is “mentally challenged” the right word now? Anyway, while there are lots of dull days, the ones that aren’t dull are certainly memorable. No price, but let’s say $2.

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