Gaskin, Sam – Faux-Pas #2


Faux-Pas #2

It what can only be called a major coincidence, it looks like Sam started up a website today, 2/14/07. Or at least today was the day he updated the thing, who knows? Either way, whether or not you’ll like this book boils down to a simple question: do sloppy comics bug you? You know, the ones that look like they were rushed through for large portions, regardless of the quality of the actual stories? If you don’t mind a bit of a rush when the stories are still entertaining, then you’re in for a treat. If slop makes you put the comic down, this isn’t for you. There are lots of little (mostly funny) one page gags here, and also a few longer stories. The longer stories deal with a taxi getting messed up on bio-diesel, a man realizing that the worst thing he did in his life was look at his friend’s sister as she was bending over and never apologizing for it, and hammering home the point that everything can kill you. Plenty of other comics are more aesthetically pleasing than this one, sure, but there’s a pile of good stories in here regardless. And it’s cheap! $1

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