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Ogner Stump

Andrew clearly has no interest in helping reviewers like me along, as he seems determined to call every mini he puts out “Ogner Stump”.  Oh well, if that’s the biggest problem I have today it’ll be a pretty good day.  This is a little different from his other comics, as even though this continues the 1000 sorrows (#81-94 this time around, indicating that he will indeed be working on these well into his old age), the sorrows are aspects of larger stories and no longer clearly pointed out.  He does list them all in the beginning though, so half the fun is finding them yourself and seeing how he works them into the story.  The other thing that’s different is that this is in full color, and if there’s ever been a concept that calls out for full color, it’s this one.  Anyone who has read anything else from Andrew knows it’s a bit difficult to nail them down in regular, human terms, but I’ll do my best.  Stories include Swamp Gas (a long, lyrical journey through the swamp and beyond), Ogner Stump Meets the Green Fairy (in which Ogner wishes for lemonade and gets a lot more than he bargained for), The Eye Hand of the Carolinas (see the bottom of the page, it was previously released as its own tiny mini), The Hex (in which Andrew explains, in great detail, how make a hex) and Andrew’s true story about taking a stone from the grave of a “voodoo queen” and what happened after.  I’d swear that Andrew’s writing has gotten even better, or at least certainly more lyrical than last time.  The art was always excellent, and it’s even better now that it’s all in vivid color.  However many of these he can afford to do in color, it would be great if he could stick with that as long as possible.  Also, Andrew sent me an extra copy, so the first person who buys the rest of his books on this page gets it free.  Note: if you’re reading this years down the road and wonder if anybody has taken me up on this offer, go ahead and check.  Sometimes these free comic offers get taken up right away, and sometimes they sit here forever.  $4


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