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Styx Taxi

Small comics creators, take note: this is how you put together a comic. The contents are a matter of taste, as always but this is aesthetically perfect. No glaring spelling mistakes or grammatical errors, lush, involved backgrounds all over the place, and a complex story all help this out tremendously. A book like this helps itself out just by getting all the basic things right, as that’s a lot of things to complain about just taken off the table… and it’s the easiest thing in the world to fix! Sorry, rant over, but bravo to these two. The story here is that cab drivers from beyond the grave are competing to get the most fares, and whoever wins gets 12 hours on Earth. If that sounds ridiculous, I’m asking you to give this a chance, as this book asks a lot of interesting questions about life and death, as well as the choices we make about both. What would you do if you had two hours after your death to revisit the world? Would you see your wife, regardless of what that would do to her? Would you try to kill the person who killed you? Or maybe you’d just mope about it? This book looks to me like nothing less than a labor of love, and it shows throughout. The writing is provocative, the art is flawless, and did I mention that this is their first book? Ridiculous, and a lot to live up to for the next issue (it’s projected to be a series of one-shots or graphic novels, which is perfect for this concept), but I can’t wait to see them try. Contact the artist, it’s $2.50. Seriously, you really should.

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