Gonzales, Rickey – Victims at the End of the World: Free Preview


Victims At The End Of The World: Free Preview

God bless the free previews, I wish more people did these things. All Rickey had at SPACE this year was a graphic novel (if I’m remembering correctly, which I’m probably not) and this, so all of us poor people can still check out his stuff without having to spend a bunch. Actually, looking at his website I can see that the graphic novel is only $6, so apparently I have no excuse at all. So how about that comic? It’s the story of a bunch of dolls who have been thrown away and come back in their own world, similar to ours but not exactly the same. This short preview deals with Algernon, a suicidal furry doll who helps his friends at the expense of his own well being. In other words, he’s a pushover. A friend, Bartleby, comes into Algernon’s house right as he is about to kill himself and asks for help with a project. Most of the story is in the head of Algernon and there are no word bubbles to be seen, which is a welcome change. It’s almost impossible to criticize a comic for being momentarily pretentious when the publishing company is called Pretentious Comics, so I’ll leave that alone. It’s an intriguing peek into what may be a great graphic novel, or what may be a whiny, long-winded piece of crap, although that second option would really surprise me from what I saw here. My only problem here is with the art, which is simplistic to a fault, as the characters seem to live against a flat gray background. It’s the kind of thing that may grow on you or not, and as always a trip around that website would probably clear a lot of things up for anybody who is curious.

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