Goodman, Michael – The Ciderview Project #3


The Ciderview Project #3

Hey look, the lettering is better! It’s a minor thing, sure, but it always bugs me when it’s messed up. This issue starts with the funeral of a major character, nothing unexpected if you’ve been paying attention to the series thus far. Also in here is the hijinx of the bi-polar girl and the autistic guy, as they make quite the wacky couple. One minor thing: it seems like everybody in here has something very wrong with them. It makes for an interesting story, sure, but a few normal folk here and there wouldn’t hurt. Other than that, it’s chapter 3 of a large story, and I’ll have no idea how well a lot of this was done until I see the end result. It’s engaging and fascinating to me though, so I’m in until the end (assuming that Michael is kind enough to keep sending them to me, or I can find a comic store that sells it). This probably won’t be in graphic novel format until it’s done, but I’d recommend picking up a few of these at a time, as the story will make a whole lot more sense that way. $2.95.

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