Grimbol, Justin – Desperate #6


Desperate #6

I’d bet money that I’ve seen this art before. Probably some anthology somewhere along the line. Ah yes, I remember when I had a memory. Those were the days… Anyway, this was another one that was sent to me randomly in the mail. I try desperately to love these, I really do. This one is far from bad, it’s just not all that great either. There are two stories here. The Temptation, about Jesus being tempted by Satan while fasting in the desert, goes nowhere fast and doesn’t seem to serve much purpose except to have Jesus say “fuck”. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just about the least religious person you’re likely to meet, it’s just that nothing happened in this story. Not to give anything away here, in ended in a jumbled mess. Or I missed something, I don’t know.

The other story, Dr. Mento’s Gruesome Revenge, is much better. The tale of a man who builds a robot body for his brain once he realizes that he has a disease that is eating away his body. His wife has a hard time finding satisfaction with his new robot body no matter what, um, improvements he adds on, and the story is basically about him trying to win her love back. Creepy at times, funny at others, there was nothing wrong with this one. Take away those four pages for the Jesus story and you have a great mini. Actually, the only part I had a problem with was the last panel, so I guess you could say I liked it up until then. And I had no problems at all with the art. It’s going to bug the hell out me trying to figure out where I saw it before, though. It’s worth a couple of bucks anyway, so why not e-mail the guy and see what else he has around.

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