Hall, Thomas & Bradford, Daniel – Robot 13 #1


Robot 13 #1

Ah, so the whole story is called “Colossus”, not just the third issue that I reviewed a few weeks ago.  Daniel (or was it Thomas?  I threw away the envelope) was nice enough to send me physical copies of a couple of issues, and I was hoping getting a chance to read this first issue would clear up a few things about the third issue.  Nope: our hero (who is one of the creepier heroes I’ve seen) is lifted out of the ocean by a fishing net, utterly unable to remember who or what he is, and before he gets a chance to blink that giant creature on the cover is attacking the ship.  He does seem to take to killing monsters like the proverbial duck to water, as he seems to instinctively know exactly where the weak spot is on this giant creature.  Or it could be the fact that anybody who’s ever played video games knows to go right for the giant eyeball.  Anyway, you won’t learn much more about the origin of this monster killer in this issue (except to see how he got his start this time around), but it is an intriguing beginning to a series that has some thoroughly impressive artwork and seems dedicated to coming up with increasingly difficult monsters for this guy to deal with.  If you’re looking to uncover the mysteries of life you might want to start with other books on this website, but if you’re just looking for a smart, fun pile of mayhem (that also somehow manages to be only $3 while being in full color), I think you’ve found your comic book.  $3

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