Hanuka, Asaf & Tomer – Bipolar #3

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Bipolar #3

I’m always up for getting into new worlds in comics. Sure, I like the autobio stuff just fine, when it’s done well, but there’s nothing like a fully realized universe that the creators are going to use for several issues. I’m not sure if that’s where this is headed, as this is the first one I’ve read, but I sure hope so. The book is broken up into two stories. The first, Kamikaze (written by Etgar Keret), is about an afterlife filled with people who have committed suicide. One man learns that his old girlfriend killed herself and he’s determined to find her. What makes this so fascinating is that everybody there killed themselves, so there’s a depressing story behind everybody just waiting to be told. I won’t ruin any more than that except to tell you that most of those stories are left to the imagination thus far. The second story, Telekinetic, is about a man who’s experiencing chronic stomach pain and the agony of losing all joy in the world. A quietly introspective tale, it makes a nice contrast to the first story in the book. Both of these are filled with more philosophical asides than most books have in their entire run. This is a wonderful find for me and I plan on getting whatever else they have in print to see if they’re as good as this one. I’ll let you know, OK? Click on the title for the link to order it and a few more samples.

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