Harrison, Steven C. – Fabricari #2


Fabricari #2

Am I allowed to still be unsure about a series after two issues� Well, I am. This one had definite improvements over the last issue, that’s for sure, but this still may very well be one of those things that just isn’t for me. Maybe for you, what do I know? Anyway, this one has Myron fully on the run and deciding to join up with the Luddites, a group that is against all these flying robots going around killing people. He may have gotten to them too late though, as they confronted the government en masse and those kinds of things rarely end well, especially when it’s a bunch of guys with swords and spears taking on flying killing machines. What I do like about this one is that the back story gets fleshed out quite a bit here, going into more detail about the dynamic between the Queen and the Prime Minister. There’s also a few of the fight scenes in here, as I suppose you need at least a couple in a series like this. This could still be something great, at least in terms of science fiction stories, but I’m still not convinced. There’s one more issue laying around here, and when I get to that one I promise to decide one way or another on this series, but there’s always that website you could be checking out to figure this all out without my wishy-washy help. $2.50

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