Haven, Eric – Tales to Demolish #3


Tales to Demolish #3 Now Available! $5

This particular page on ye olde Optical Sloth has sat idle for far, far too long. Tales to Demolish #1 and 2 were tremendous things, a joy to read for completely different reasons. Of course, this did come out a couple of years ago, meaning that it’s me who wasn’t on the ball, but the wait was worth it. This one is in full, gorgeous color (hence the jump in cover price) and has a pile of different stories. There’s the one from the cover, dealing with the eternal war between mammal and reptile (and Eric was kind enough to show us the inspirations for the cover). This takes up the first half of the book, all told from the perspective of a guy watching a show on tv, and you just can’t go wrong with punching through somebody’s head. Next up is The Gunslinger, quite possibly my new favorite comic story, with exactly the perfect mix of dialogue and violence for the subject matter. And even after all that there are still 4 more stories, dealing with a campy midnight movie about a killer tree, a neighbor, the real story of Santa Claus, and the unfortunately named Dr. Arcanus. The coloring in this book is tremendous; everything jumps off the page, and it fills me with sadness once again that the world isn’t arranged so that the vast majority of the small press books can look this good. At any rate there’s not a bad story in the bunch, and it would be nice is Eric were made rich immediately so that he could concentrate on making comics. $5

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