Heisler, Matthew & Michael – Milkbaby #6


Milkbaby #6

Further proof of the potential wonderfulness of these two exists in this book, in case anybody out there was curious. First up is a story by Michael about all the Robot Gods and their own petty squabbles. They also threw in a few of the Aztec gods, who were apparently also robots. Plenty of mayhem and destruction here as well as some funny. Next up we learn (via Matthew) the origin of that walrus-looking dude from #7 after the kids take some drug-laced candy and one of them ends up blind. Whoops, I spoiled the ending! Finally there’s a short adaptation of a RZA song involving gunplay, a crash and a monkey, so that’s most of the ingredients needed for a successful comic right there. Color me thoroughly impressed, as I think I was also after #7 (I’m reviewing this one later, for everybody who’s reading this years later, theoretically)

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