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Delamatre, Aaron – The Bridge



The Bridge

Want to know a trick that a really mean reviewer could use to bash this book? It could literally be described as a man walking across a bridge. What sounds more boring than that? The truth is that there’s a lot more going on here besides the obvious journey (which, spoiler alert, we do not see the end of, although the cover might illustrate why that is the case). This is the story of a man, or mannish creature, with the ability to manipulate his arms to various lengths, as he walks across a bridge with terrible safety standards. It’s clearly a nerve-wracking journey, and it’s never entirely clear if he has somewhere he needs to be or if he’s just out sightseeing. He goes through some extreme weather changes and eventually runs across a village of hauntingly non-specific creatures. An attempt is made to join them, but it does not go very well (which, come to think of it, also raises the possibility that this dude would very much like to get off this bridge). I don’t want to tell you the whole story, obviously, but I will say that those fish with the human faces are some of the creepiest things I’ve seen. This is a silent comic, which means that it’s open to interpretation, but it’s a fascinating journey no matter how you look at it. Aaron does a nice job of bending the laws of physics to suit his story needs, or perhaps he’s just set his story in a world where that is not a problem. It’s worth checking out for anybody who’s not much of a fan of reality, or somebody who thinks that it would be better with some minor tweaks. $4