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Reynolds, Grant – Achilles in Death and Love


Achilles in Death and Love

It’s a comic book and a record, all in one! Granted, you probably don’t have a record player, but Grant’s kind enough to put a web address in here with all four tracks, so you can just listen to them on your computer. I don’t do music reviews, so all I’ll say is that the songs didn’t do a whole lot for me. Maybe they’ll grow on me after a few listens (this did happen with a good number of my favorite albums), or maybe my first impression was correct. How’s that for ambivalence? As for the comic, it’s gorgeous. It follows Achilles in hell, as everything is stripped away from him but he can still remember his love, Briseis. So, while undergoing grotesque transformation after grotesque transformation, he endlessly searches hell, looking for his lost love. This is probably the most disturbing thing that Grant has done, and I say more power to him. He should revel in ugliness like this more often. This costs a bit more than your average mini, what with the color cover and record included, but I still think it’s worth a look. $6