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Dawson, Mike – All Dave Comics


All Dave Comics

This is a collection of Mike’s strips from a college newspaper, and I should mention something for the uninitiated: I don’t like strips. It colors my opinions on reviews, as you might imagine. Even with the strips that I like (This Modern World and K Chronicles, to name a couple) I get annoyed over the obligatory “punchline”. Mike says in the intro that he made this strip intentionally “PG” because everybody else at the college paper was doing shock strips and he just thought that was too easy, so he wanted to do a family strip. It’s funny at times but overall it didn’t do much for me. The bulk of the comic is strips about the main character going back to college at the age of 24 and the wackiness that ensues. Like I said, a few good strips and somebody who wasn’t as biased as me could like this a lot more, but give me Gabagool and Cabaret any day…