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Hunt, Gabriel – All in a Day’s Work


All in a Day’s Work

24 hour comics are a real mixed bag. Sure, it’s an interesting idea, and a great exercise for cartoonists, but it can be ugly. One thing that could really fix this problem (I don’t know if this is legal with the guidelines) would be to at least go over the lettering and clear it up a little bit when the comic is done. It looked like all the lettering was done with about 2 minutes left in the 24 hours. I know it’s kind of supposed to look rushed, but it would be nice to be able to read it. The story here is pretty simple. A young boy is trying to get a cheerleader at school to notice him without success and later sees an ad on television to make his dreams come true. A neat little story, I’m guessing that his art is a little better than this when he’s not under a self-imposed deadline, which goes back to that whole “mixed bag” thing. Worth a look, although you might be a little better off checking around to see what else he has available that wasn’t so rushed. Go to this great website, there’s all kinds of cartoonists there that I hadn’t heard of.