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Herd, Andy – Skip Tobey Volume 1


Skip Tobey Volume 1

Do you miss your comics being funny? Tired of angsty messes worrying about their problems instead of punching people? Well, have I got a comic for you! This is a hefty comic that has all seven (so far) stories of Skip Tobey and his adventures. And the chief who loves him. I don’t mention the sample image often, but I picked this one because it has the most pure, concentrated funny of the whole book, although it was damned tough to choose just one. This isn’t even a page from one of Skip’s adventures, but I used it anyway. So what’s all this about? Stories include Skip in space with a sandwich that’s also a gun, time travel and murder, Skip infiltrating a group of hackers, Skip on a coffee bender uncovering clues about the invading reptile people, the “natural causes” of death by meteor, an archenemy finally getting Skip where they want him (for the fifth) time, and the plot of the lizard people coming to fruition. And when I say “funny,” I mean that I laughed out loud at some point in damned near each story, and that’s not even mentioning the short bits between the stories, which were also uniformly hilarious. The “how to draw Skip” bit perfectly mirrored every attempt made by a human to ever follow those instructions, getting a peek into the daily life of the chief was mildly terrifying, good luck getting through those fake classified ads without laughing, and there’s even a functional crossword puzzle included. And I haven’t even mentioned Skip’s pining over his “missing” wife. Look, there are times when I can unreservedly say that everybody should read a book, and this is one of those happy times. Maybe you wouldn’t care for this if you have no sense of humor, but in that case you have bigger problems than deciding on which comic you should be reading. Everybody else, enjoy!