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Enos, David – Batman Is Lost In A Woods



Batman Is Lost In A Woods

Is it “the woods” or “a woods”? And why does it bother me either way? These questions have nothing to do with the content of the comic, but there they are anyway. This is the story of Batman, lost in the… “a” woods. He’s gone off in search of his missing wife, but eventually ditched most of his expensive gear and had to make due by himself, just some guy alone and roughing it. We get some brief recaps of how he got there, what the other people in his life were thinking about his disappearance, and his obviously unhappy home life. As we dig deeper into the whole thing it’s obvious that nothing is quite what it seemed, and I am once again trapped by my rule of no spoilers. The descent into confusion and/or madness was fascinating the whole way through, some familiar (and close to familiar) faces show up, and some haunting truths about relationships and the thought of dating as you get older come out. I hope DC has better things to do than to sue this guy, because this story would have made a much better movie than the last crappy one they put out. Future people, this review was written in 5/16, so you figure out which crappy movie I mean, because I’m sure there are more to come! I don’t know if I’d recommend this to anybody who takes Batman seriously, but I would recommend it to anybody who it looking to see life through the lens of a guy clinging to a failing relationship long after he should have given up. Also he’s Batman.