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Flores, Madeleine – Bear, Bird and Stag Were Arguing in the Forest (And Other Stories)



Bear, Bird and Stag Were Arguing in the Forest (And Other Stories)

There are a fair amount of fables adapted as comics out there in the world, correct? It seems like there are, but I’m drawing a blank now that I’m trying to come up with them. I’d say that I’m losing my memory as I get older, but I’ve always had a crap memory. Anyway! If that isn’t a thing that happens all the time, the fables being adapted into comics, then it should. The first story in this bunch (and the title of the comic) is either a fable or a story that should have been a fable, and it deals with those three animals trying to figure out which one of them should rule the forest. They go to the forest witch to have the matter decided, and the witch tells them to each bring her a royal item to help them decide. I won’t ruin anything here, but those items are both more and less important to the deciding process than the animals were led to believe. Yes, it is possible to be both. But wait, there’s more! Other stories include a spirit being woven into various items to help protect a baby (and eventually a child), the soul being expelled in little bits all the time and what eventually becomes of it, and what happens to eyeballs after you go to sleep. Or possibly just after Madeleine goes to sleep, or possibly it’s just a story and not meant to be taken literally. I prefer to take it literally for the mental images alone, and I will not tell you what they are because you haven’t read the story. Yet! Because you really should. This is a solid collection of stories, each of which will stay with you long after you finish the book. Hard to think of better praise for stories than that. $6