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Dean, Patrick – Big Deal #5


Big Deal #5

Uh oh, looks like the cover’s crooked! Oh well, you get the idea. Also, I think Patrick has a new e-mail address, which you can try by clicking on this, although the one up there might work just fine. So what’s the story with this one? I completely loved the first issue, still liked #3 a hell of a lot and this one? Well, OK, I mostly loved this one too. Strips in here tackle such subjects as the wisdom of wearing a wizard hat, what you can do with x-ray eyes really, being an outdoorsman, making it in Hollywood, floods, french doors, insomnia, how to tell if your lover is a washing machine, being a shrunken band, and the fact that werewolves are cool. Much more too, of course, and he even does a serious strip or two, but you’re going to have to buy this to find out what I’m talking about. Hey, when have I ever steered you wrong before? It’s only $2 you cheapskate you.

Dean, Patrick – Big Deal #6


Big Deal #6

Who out there has been dying to see a continuing story from Patrick? Granted, I was mostly OK with his random weekly strips, as they were consistently hilarious, but I have to admit that I was slightly curious as to how he would handle an “epic” story. Well, this is 7 years old and I think he could probably do a better job of it now, but there’s still plenty of funny in here. As you can see from the cover, this is all “Haul Ass to New York”, about an artist cowboy from Athens who heads to New York to make it big. Also included at various points on the trip are his horse, a giant robot, a giant monster (and shame on you if you can’t see those two getting together), Joseph Beuys, Zorro, Captain Zap, and a musical finale that THE MAN wouldn’t let you see. I’m a bigger fan of his weekly strips, frankly, but there’s something to be said for a story that goes almost completely off the rails and is out of control. It might seem a little aimless, but it sure is a fun ride. Also Patrick has little comments on certain strips, as he knows full well that this probably isn’t his best work, and those do plenty to liven things up. It’s $2, contact info is up there and then further up there…

Dean, Patrick – Big Deal #3


Big Deal #3

Almost two years after I first saw his work, I was finally able to get ahold of more strips from Patrick. They didn’t make me laugh as the first batch though. Maybe he stopped taking drugs, or maybe he started taking them, I don’t know. If you think that is some sort of negative review, maybe you should scroll up and read my review of his other book. I still laughed out loud several times while I was reading this, but I didn’t crap my pants or anything like the last time. Was I supposed to mention that? Anyway, if you like laughing, well, you’re probably too happy to be reading small press comics, but buy this if you do. Monsters, bake sales, irony, the farmer’s daughter, J.D. Salinger, the liberal media, and tiny porn. That’s what some of the strips are about this time, although monsters are in a bunch of them. Also, if he was ranking the Jack Kirby monsters in order of coolness, then Fin Fang Foom has to come first. The other ones are just sound effects applied to monsters. To understand what I’m talking about, order the book!