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Roundy, Bill – Man Enough


Man Enough

Look out! It’s the gays! Seriously, if you come to this site a lot and are homophobic… please grow up and/or find another place to read about comics. It freaks me out to think that anyone who has ever, in a non-ironic sense, owned a t-shirt that said “Adam and Eve not Adam and Steve!” would agree with me about anything, so please just shoo. Now, what about the comic? It’s an adorable little tale about the beginning of a romance (or at least I’m guessing that by the title) between a gay man and a transsexual who’s going from girl to boy and doesn’t have all the, um, parts installed yet. It has all the awkward moments of a first date and then some, and there’s no effort at all to preach about the plight of any peoples, it’s just a good little story. There’s also a great backup story (in color, no less) about working at a video store and learning way too much information about people based on their porn choices. OK fine, one minor complaint. The art in the bulk of the comic was pretty sparse, with mostly just the characters and little backgrounds. Of course, it could be argued that all you need for a love story is the character and their facial expressions, making my point meaningless. Well worth a look if you can find it. $3