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Gehweiler, Fawn – Bomb Pop Comics and Stories


Bomb Pop Comics and Stories

Yet another person who should have been up here since day one. I had this comic all along and I knew her name sounded familiar, but it was in with my magazines like old copies of The Comics Journal, so I didn’t really check that pile. Did you all get the impression that I’m slightly disorganized yet? Good, that’ll make things a lot easier on you. Anyway, she was recommended by several people, and for good reason. She has a fantastically cute drawing style (those eyes couldn’t get much bigger on some of the pages) but that never causes you to lose touch with the core of her comics. In this one she interprets part of Rumble Fish (the novel, not the movie), tells the story of a lonely girl playing Space Invaders on a Friday night, and one about another girl on the racing circuit reading a letter from her father. I remember way back when you were all just whippersnappers (or something like that) when she put minis out all the time, but I think there’s just this and a coloring book that she has done in the last couple of years, unless somebody can correct me. It’s obvious from her website (which is fantastic, by the way) that she’s working a lot on other projects, and more power to her. I hope she makes a pile of money doing it. Still, more comics would be nice…