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C.H., Britt – Kick Flip


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Kick Flip

If you just look at these comics in Lutefisk Sushi E as samples for bigger works from the individual artists, this comic worked great. It’s a fairly simple story about an animal that digs up a grave and is captivated by the skateboard that it finds (without knowing what a skateboard is). It’s mostly just this creature doing tricks, with some shenanigans at the end that I won’t spoil, because what’s the point of spoiling a nine page comic? The intriguing parts are that the creature doing the digging looks like a doe with one of those pod coffee makers strapped to its head, and the other creature that comes into the picture later looks vaguely like a black gargoyle. All this caused me to check out her website to see what else she’s done, while I probably wouldn’t have done that if this was just a comic about some dude doing skateboard tricks, so mission accomplished! Oh, and it turns out that she’s done plenty of comics and has something much bigger coming out early this year, and the art in this mini was fantastic, so maybe keep an eye on her, why don’t you?