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Huey, Debbie – Bumperboy #3


Bumperboy #3 Now Available! $3.25

What a fantastic cast of characters. Nuts the Squirrel, the Banana Posse, Stompy the Elephant, Peevo, Starbo, Big Baby, Gotar the Robot, and (my personal favorite even though we only see him for a brief moment) Cheepoo. If I had any pull in the entertainment world I’d say this universe is ready and waiting to be made into a cartoon. This issue is the marbles tournament that has been coming for the previous two issues, and she even managed to surprise me on the ending, which is always a good thing. This series is gorgeous and it’s fun. It’s a bit simplistic at times, granted, but that doesn’t take a thing away from the positives in here. More comics soon please! Let’s just say this one is $3 too, even though it’s a bit bigger than the other ones…

Huey, Debbie – Bumperboy #2


Bumperboy #2 Now Available! $3

OK, I haven’t seen much here to convince me that this series is anything less than adorable. Whether or not that’s a good thing is entirely up to you and what kind of stuff you enjoy. What I did see in this second issue was a glimpse of some of the other characters that are in this Bumperboy universe, and it’s hard to complain too much about that much diversity. This issue is all about Bumperboy (and Bumperpup!) trying to find all of his lost marbles. The quest takes them all over the place, and they run into Rupert (who lives in a great oak), Jeannie (some kind of a lifeguard who’s also a dog), and Bam and Bop (who are onomatopeople). There’s more going on here than this adorable marble tournament, and I’m hoping that we get to see more in future issues. Good stuff though, unless you only enjoy guns and things exploding in comics. Contact info is up there, there’s still one more issue for me to review in the coming weeks…

Huey, Debbie – Bumperboy #1


Bumperboy #1 Now Available! $3

Watch in wonder as I learn how to work a new website system! The great part is that I’m only going to be using this for a few weeks, so I get to forget it all right away! Anyway, this is about a comic, not my problems. Bumperboy is a three issue series by Debbie that is, frankly, adorable. Check out the sample down there if you don’t believe me, and get back to me if there’s something about that that’s anything less than adorable. In this issue Bumperboy and his dog Bumperpup, who seems to speak in pictures, meander. Bumperboy has to get to the park to play marbles with a friend, but things keep popping up to keep him from his goal. It’s a fun book, but I’m reserving judgment on the whole thing until I read the other issues. A promising start though. If you hate things that are too cute at times, however, I’d advise you to read something with more guns in it. Unless, of course, this is so adorable that it melts your cold heart, which is entirely possible. It’s $3, here’s a website, check it out!