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Sharp, Jeff – Caesar


Caesar Now Available! $2

You know, I have a much more positive of Jeff Sharp’s work in my mind than what comes across in my other reviews. He has a cute style with some of his stuff, granted, and I guess it either caught me in the wrong mood before or this one caught me in the right mood. In other words, I liked this one. It’s the story of Caesar (you can probably see on the cover that he’s a lizard) and him going about his day, basically. He runs into a grasshopper a few times that’s trying desperately to get eaten and just generally enjoys his simple, easy existence. It’s cute, I love the color of the cover (which my crappy scanner almost captured, but not quite), and have I mentioned that I liked it? That’s about the only kind of reaction you can have with something this short, and mine ended up being positive. Check out the website, wander around, chances are you’re reading this at work and you have some time to kill anyway…