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Contrary, Carrie Q. – Hot Dork Love #1


Hot Dork Love #1

There’s naked people and some fucking in this comic, so if such a thing is a dealbreaker for you, watch out for this comic! How anybody could live their daily lives in this current (the hellscape of 2017, future readers) mess and have nudity be a bridge too far is beyond me, but what do I know. Now that all the puritans are gone, what’s in this comic for the rest of us? There are a few stories in here, involving sex in one way or another. The first bit is about a young lady who wanders into a Dungeons and Dragons game and finds herself turned on by the dungeon master. It takes awhile to clear the room, but they get to business eventually. Spoiler alert? Does that count in porn? Internet pedants, discuss. Other stories involve enjoying the shower a little too much, letting your mid get away from you while focusing on a nude male model, and trying to figure out the best speed to seduce a first date without scaring him away for being too aggressive. Sure, there’s plenty of sexiness here, but Carrie throws in plenty of funny lines as well. The punchline on the artist story was hilarious, as were the troubles of the woman who couldn’t seem to find the right pace for her dates. So yeah, this is definitely worth checking out. There’s more here than just sex, but if that’s all you’re after there’s plenty of it as well. $4

Contrary, Carrie Q. – Clam Juice #1


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Clam Juice #1

I know I’ve asked this before, but is there any way to review porn comics? Or is it wrong to call them porn comics, and should I instead call them “people having sex a lot” comics? And am I mildly prudish just to ask that second question? Damned if I know the answer to any of those, but I’ll soldier on regardless. See, for most comics I’d get to a little bit of a plot synopsis, but in this case it just doesn’t seem all that relevant. But out of a lack of anything better to say, why the hell not? Stories in this one include a young lady who’s shoved into a vulnerable position on a bus and seems to quite enjoy all the attention she’s getting, some sexy librarian poses followed by sex with a bespectacled young man, a tied up sex slave, and two young ladies who agree to study with a male friend. That last one was funny because it didn’t go the way that young man was probably planning, but everything else leads to where you’d probably think based on the set-up. The art does vary a bit, as the sexy librarian stuff looks like it was shrunk down (or lifted off a computer) for the sake of this comic, and the two studying girls has more of a manga feel to it. And yes, in case you were wondering, that title does come into play more than a few times. If you’re looking for an in-depth character study then you can move right along, but if you’re looking for a whole lot of fucking then you’ve come to the right place. $4