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Justin, Larned – Charlie Chong in Chong vs. Kong


Charlie Chong in Chong vs. Kong

Oh, I don’t know where to begin with this one. I should point out that although this comic contains all kinds of really stupid racial and cultural stereotypes, he describes it as being “parody through the use of satire, and not intended to offend anyone”. Which is all well and good, and I’m glad that he acknowledged how offensive some of this stuff was, but… Look at the cover. Got it? If you think that’s intriguing, or looks like something that you might enjoy, then by all means check out the website. As for what’s in the book, you have a wise older Asian man, a younger farting Asian woman, a parody of Larry King who gets married and divorced daily, a giant man in an ape outfit… Actually, when I lay it all out that like that it does sound kind of funny. Oh, and I forgot about the lackey with the horrible gangsta slang. It’s $2.50 and I didn’t get much out of it, but the art is OK and what do I know anyway?

Justin, Larned – Charlie Chong in Cairo Joe


Charlie Chong in Cairo Joe

OK, I was really hoping that this issue would change my opinion of this series one way or another, but it didn’t. I did learn that this is all supposed to be a parody/tribute of the old Charlie Chan movies, which is something that’s incredibly obvious in hindsight and should make you all question if I have any idea what I’m talking about ever. This one is the start of a series about a plot to steal a “baseball diamond”, and yes, most of the puns really are that bad. It’s probably not bad if you liked the old Charlie Chan stuff or appreciate that type of humor, but it just isn’t the thing for me. Contact info is up there…