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Peters, Steve – Chemistry



All comics people take note: Steve, when confronted with the fact that he had too much to do between work and his band to take the time to make comics on a consistent basis, decided to draw one panel a day. That’s it, just one panel a day. If he missed a day, he’d draw two the next day. What he came away with, after about 8 months, is a gorgeous, intricately laid out tale mostly dealing with his inner dialogue about the possibilities of his relationship ending in tears. That was engrossing and fascinating all by itself, then he spends the rest of this dense issue telling the story, in reverse order, of his relationship with his girlfriend and their eventual breakup. So we start with the actual breakup, then follow to the relationship having problems, etc., all the way back to how they met. Altogether, you have a comic where everything is done as well as it could be. Maybe it gets a bit wordy there at the end, but what part of that isn’t vital information to the situation at hand? I know, you may be thinking that relationship comics are a dime a dozen, and you’d be right. But the reason people keep making them (other than the eternal need to vent and purge) is that, when they’re done right, they’re one of the most universally relatable things around. Who hasn’t had a relationship end. Even, as it is here, with no one big thing that caused it to stop. My only complaint is that this was apparently done in 2001 but the comic wasn’t produced until 2005, but I can only complain so much because I didn’t read it until 2007 anyway. $2.95