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Goebert, Jerry & Durant, Christopher – Major Mishap Pushes the Panic Button!


Major Mishap Pushes the Panic Button!

It’s best that I get a few disclaimers out of the way before I get to the review. Jerry sent me a whole pile of comics but, due to the various technical problems my computer, scanner and brain have had over the last few months, I haven’t been able to get to them. Some of them are even still in the original envelope, to pull back the curtain on the goings-on around here a bit. So when I say that I don’t have much context to review this comic, or any idea if it’s part of a larger series (it sure seems like it, but that’s just a hunch at the moment), that’s exactly what I mean. I’m going to break my usual rule here and even talk about the ending, but to make up for it I promise not to spoil any of the other several comics he’s sent me, and it’s necessary for the point I’m trying to make. What is that point? That I don’t get this comic. Oh, the basic story is simple enough, and even a little funny: man trapped in a remote installation for 30 years snorts some “mystery powder,” gets a notice from his superiors that he cant’ handle in his state, and he blows up the world. It’s a very short comic, so that’s all you really need. But then there’s the presence of “Dusk, Ruska Vampire Nurse.” I assume that means that her name is Dusk, but a word of explanation about what a “Ruska Vampire Nurse” is would have been helpful, unless this is part of a bigger string of stories and I’m the one being stupid here. Anyway, it turns out that our hero gets nightly visits from this vampire nurse, so we see her in a few panels handcuffed near his bed, standing by a fan, and smiling a wicked smile after he discovers the mystery powder. Was it because she put it there? Was she a hidden instigator for the destruction of the planet? It seems like that would be a little inconvenient for her too. Anyway, the oddest thing was that there was no interaction between the two characters. She seemed to be there for very little reason.  Was she invisible? Subtly influencing him? It’s a little baffling. I’ve already gone on too long about this tiny comic when I probably could have stopped at “I don’t get it.” I’ll have to dig through these piles further to try and find some contact info and a price, and I’ll update this thing once I do that. For now I did link to what is more or less (probably less) his website.