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Rodges, Barry – Clouds



Is this his first graphic novel? Taken is sort of a graphic novel but in 6 parts, so I guess this one would have to qualify. Or at least “graphic novella”, I don’t know the proper terminology for something that’s only $4.95 but hefty by Barry Rodges standards. Here’s the simplest explanation for this one that I can come up with: imagine what would happen if a dark part of Jim Woodring’s brain decided to attack a loving old couple as depicted by Barry. This is an average couple, having average conversations and walking on clouds and playing with… things, like any average couple. Suddenly the wife is attacked by a writhing, silent mass, and from then on it’s out to get them. Never says a word, and there’s never any indication exactly why it has it in for these two, which is what makes it even creepier. That cover is just gorgeous and you have to love that moustache. Great stuff this time out, but you can’t buy this one at the online store, you’ll have to go send him an e-mail if you’re interested…