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Dembicki, Matt – Coexistence



This was one of those cases where the cover made it worth a shot all by itself. That’s one creepy image, and the inside doesn’t let up much from there. A Vicar comes home from a day at church to find the devil sitting in his kitchen. The devil says that he’s merely there to sit and that he won’t try to talk to the Vicar or convince him of anything, he will merely sit. The Vicar, of course, is confused by this, because the devil is always up to something, and the rest of the issue is spent finding out just what that something is. Oh, and I should mention that this is based on a short story by Slawomir Mrozek, for all you literary types out there (it’s not a name I recognize). Matt manages to pack a constant sense of dread throughout this mini. There’s not a speck of white in this outside of eyes and clouds, the rest is shades of grey and black. Great stuff and there’s even a message involved. And did I mention that it’s only $.50?